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Yesterday I posted a about the problems I see with Thesis.  Since Santa’s gonna be here any day now, I’ve got a set of wishes that I’d like to pass on to Chris Pearson on his ongoing work with the Thesis wordpress theme/framework.   Now, Chris might make me look like a big dummy when he releases COSMO/ 1.4 and this stuff is already in there, but I’m just pointing out what would make me PERSONALLY happy.  Apres moi le deluge and all that stuff you know.

  1. Page, Post, and Archive Layout capabilities.  For instance, doing it oldschool, I modified the rumblepup theme for a 3 column layout on the front page and archive pages, and 2 column on the actual posts.  Why?  ‘Cause I’m a BAMF, that’s why.
  2. More “sidebars.”  COSMO was originally going to be a “Magazine” type of wordpress thing.  Can’t really do that with only 2 sidebars.  Since you’re handling a lot of the layout dynamically; How about adding some kind of “Choose the number of sidebars you want” kind of thing.
  3. 1000px!  I chose Thesis for a couple of reasons.  One of them is that it uses available space on  the screen in an elegant way.  If you switch to a 2 column layout in the current thesis, you back to 800px.  Keep some 1000px options dude!
  4. Footer Divs.  Could use an easier way of adding content in the footers.  Why?  Although some people think that footer content is going the way of the dynasour, I think it’s still a viable area that can add to the user experience.
  5. While we are on the footer….  Let’s try to look at multiple sections choices, such as 1,2 and 3 column choices.
  6. A better commented css file.  Yes, I can read a css file, but a lot of the bloggers who don’t need to learn somewhere, and comments as to what and how each css element affect the design will not only make a happier customer, but a better blogger and a better advocate for thesis.
  7. Hooks are awesome, but….  The Thesis hooks system is killer for me, but like I said before, it takes some patience and experience to really put them to use.  Sugarrae’s tutorial went a long way to help, and nothing is like experience, but I think this could be a simpler process.  When you’re done with COSMO, please come back and ‘splain a few things.  Rick is doing awesome, but he’s all alone.
  8. EVERYTHING.  I want it to do everything.  Anything and everything I want my blog to do, Thesis should do it and now.  (Ok, I’m kidding, but some new bloggers actually think this way)

Again…Chris can blow me out of the water with 1.4, and all this shit is in there, but maybe not.   Look, in the end, Thesis is what it is, a premiere theme offering much more than what other themes offer, and that in itself is a knee knocker.  However, I’d like to see it taken up one more level.  Chris Pearson is someone who pushes the envelope (ooh, Top Gun reference no less) and I think he has plans for pushing harder.