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It’s very rare that I get the inside scoop on a bomb hack, but this this time I’m one of the victims. Seems that some kind of sql injection hack has been leveled against thousands of websites. I’m calling it, for lack of a better term, the xiaobaishan bomb.

As I’m checking for the night the site that I SEO,, I notice that it’s running slow a molasses. Can’t be cause it’s on a pretty powerful VPS server. But I notice that it’s waiting on some unknown script. I do a quick source check and I see that every single one of my navigational items has this freaky call in it,

<script src=></script>

My security mind goes into full effect and I jump into the server to check around. The codebase is compeletely clean. Nothing like that in there. Since my app is in, I know that code hacking is pretty difficult, as dll’s are obfusticated (messed up so only can understand it) so I know that’s not it.

Since it was my navigation that was hit, and my navigation is run from a SQL 2000 database, I jump into the database, start opening up tables and, as we say in my Cuban neighborhood, FUACATA! There you go, a shitload of this strange script call all through the database. I contact the database admin to see if they have a backup, and as of this writing, their working on it.

But it made me wonder who the heck was doing this. So I did a little search on Google, and I find this result.

UPDATE: 4080 sites hacked.

That’s right, about two thousand eight hundred websites four thousand and eighty affected as of right now. Who knows what it will be in the morning.

UPDATE 6/2/08: Checked with Yahoo and Live. Seems that number might be up to about 20,000. Xiaobaishan is aparently the name of a Volcano.

When I try to check out the site, nothing exists, so I’m thinking that this was some type of malware keyboard recorder, or some other fucked up hack. There are some pretty impressive sites in this result set, and some of these where hacked a few days ago, so I’m hoping that their webmasters and site administrators are catching this.

So far, all of the sites that have been hacked are asp or based sites. Now I know what your going to say, Windows tech and all of that, but has been famous for avoiding hack. This seems like a SQL 2000 hack. Someone must have been sniffing for the database connections and got them, then somehow gained control of the individual databases, and went to town insterting this code into everything they could find. Since a lot of database driven websites have their navigation dynamically generated from the database, blamo.

I’m not a security expert and certainly not a IP pack expert or any kind of tech expert, I can’t really comment on what happened and how to fix it. All I can say is I hate freakin hackers. I mean, this world is full of nefarious people of all shapes and sizes and cultures, but sometime I feel that we in the Search Industry ought to have some kind of defense, other than technical, that we can all work together on.

In any case, mister hacker, I can bestow a curse upon you the likes that the internet has ever seen before, where even the maker of “two girls one cup” would cringe at the ramifications of my hate filled bombastic flurry of verbal fire. But you know what? I’ve changed in the last few years, and I can only say this. Bless you man. I hope that whatever thrill this gave you or whatever benefits you think your going to get will make you happy for a short while. I’ve noticed that the universe dishes out much heavier Karma that what we throw at it, and the bad waves you’ve made today will someday return and affect your life personally. I hope for your sake its just a computer malfunction, or a credit card snafu. But in all honesty, the way I see it, when God wants you punished, it’s not a one day thing. You can’t just say “Ok, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again” and hope that everything will be ok. I know this because I’ve earned myself some karma justice in the past, and it comes hard and angry and lasts for years and years. Watch your health and your families health. Think about what you’ve done and I hope you learn something from it. I hope you learn that you are killing businesses, and people’s livelyhoods. I hope you learn that gains are little when compared to personal loss.

I hope you learn now before it’s too late.