You know what? Fuck SEO.

You heard it right.  Fuck SEO all over the place. I don’t like SEO anymore. “SEO” the term has been vilified and bludgeoned to death because of its constant redefinitions and wacko interpretations.  I’m constantly amazed  at some of the utter tripe I am exposed to in my daily internet meanderings, that I’m not surprised … Read more

40 – A long, strange trip it’s been.

Inside my head, there’s an 18 year old rumblepup with long hair that’s looking out my eyes at the world. He’s the one who still goes apeshit for music, and movies, and that sweet XBOX360 Elite I got for Christmas. He’s the one that reaches for chocolate donuts and a gallon of Cuban coffee likes it’s no big frickin’ deal. He’s the one that’s a fan of Warren Ellis. He’s the one that hears the word “boobies” and pokes his head up as if the Continental Army just marched in.

Don’t Vote

I think that one of the most important responsibilities as Americans we have is to vote for public office. It’s one of, if not, the only right that we as a free people have that gives us a voice in the way our government is shaped. You can be lazy about a bunch of things, and you have my blessing, but don’t be lazy about voting.