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Ouch. I mean…ouch. Yes, NOT searching is definitely hurting. I shit you not, I actually got a pretty major headache yesterday, and I think I can attribute some of it to the stress of not using search.

My wife asked me to try to find a comforter online, while she attended our new puppy Maxine. Apparently, Maxxie needed a full baby wipe body rub at that moment, and I needed to do the online shopping.

Online shopping ain’t to bad really. There are plenty of click aggregators (whoops, comparison shopping sites) that you can try, and there are two really good social shopping sites that have pretty good internal search algo’s.

I’ve talked about thisnext and kaboodle before, and for finding the coolest of what your looking for, not bad at all. However, coolest is not necessarily cheapest. There are a ton of comforters at thisnext, and going through them all, for a guy, is not fun. I’m amazed by the tech, and loved the selection, but I don’t have the patience to go through each one. Maybe my wife does, and she has, but I’m a guy, and I like quick and easy.

So off I go to, (durr, what’s that?) and do my thing. I’m looking for a comforter in the 40-80 buck range, so I type in comforter (durr) look at the selection, click on the neat price range on the left (durrrr) and voila, a bunch of stuff.

Of course, my wife might not exactly enjoy the way I shop, especially since she is the epitome of a smart shopper.

“Why didn’t you start your search on Google?” she says.

“Cause I’m kind of doing this no Search Engine thing honey” I sez.

(Scooby Doo Baroo) “Huh? That’s starting to get a little annoying.” she says.

“I know, but it’s science.” I sez.

But, she was ok with the purchase.

Shopping doesn’t seem like too big of a problem as long as their are comparative shopping sites, BUT, in a very practical matter, there is no guarantee that your getting a good value, and not all shops use the comparison shopping sites. (Some just can’t afford it)

Ok so done with that. On to wordpress stuff.

I like wordpress. I like messing with themes, and finding plugins, and stuff like that. In the past, all you had to do was head on over to, and do the do. But now, since wordpress is ALL OVER THE PLACE, you can find themes, plugins, stuff, all over the web, if you search, which I don’t (this week) So I check out my bookmarks.

There are the obvious first stops. I head on over to the WordPress Plugin Directory and I check out their internal search. Then over to WP Plugins.

Both have pretty decent internal searches, and I find what I’m looking for. But I want to check out another social bookmarking site I’ve heard of, Mister Wong. On the whole, Mister Wong is pretty neat. Nice tags, relevant to what I’m looking for, it looks like it has a serious community, and not too bad on the spam. It seems that the administrators are really keeping a close watch on what gets bookmarked. The internal search was pretty good too. You can search both tags and content. Definitely something that brightened my day, and something to watch as well.

So there you go, a brighter day in non searching, but I still feel achy all over. Hey Mike! I made it past the three days!