An interview with Larry Halff – Founder of Ma.gnolia

In ancient times, say 1998, when the internet was young and dumb and full of you know what, the web was somewhat limited. Sure, you could buy books online, you could e-mail your friends, but finding really good information was somewhat of a coin flip. Usually, when you searched for, say, “html best practices,” you’d … Read more

An interview with Brian Mark

BAMF. No, I’m not talking about the tape company. That’s BASF. Even though this little bitty blog of mine is open to all comments and all forms of expression, when I started to type out the words for one of my favorite acronyms, Mrs. Rumblepup gave me the stink-eye, and let me tell you, Mrs. … Read more

An interview with CrankyDave – aka David Sacco

CrankyDave (aka David Sacco) is a freakin’ institution, bamf par excellence. That’s it, I said it and I’m not sorry I said it. You can learn more about Google and SEO in general from a forum or thread discussion with CrankyDave than you can researching for hours online. Got a question about Google, best just … Read more

An interview with CTABUK – aka David Castle

When as a young and dumb rumblepup I first started hitting the web “master” forums, again and again I would come up against the handle ctabuk. What caught my attention about this forum member was his quick grasp of a situation, his willingness to help, and the length and breadth of the information he gave … Read more