Net Neutrality – When Two Tribes Go To War

To tell you the truth, I’ve written and rewritten this post so many times that I’ve lost track of the number, and yet each time I’ve started over, I discover another nuance to this subject that I previously either overlooked or just did not know.  Likewise, I’ve found that I’ve had to really explore and … Read more

Chinese Domain Name Fraud

Oh deary me.  Seems I’m the latest one to get hit with the china domain name scam.  Haven’t heard of it?  Oh, this is a cool one.  You don’t have to take my word for it, it’s been going on all over the place. You see, this nice domain name registrar company in China has … Read more

F-OFF mr sql injection hacker

Well, after we implemented our fix, mr. sql injecting hacker has been shown the door.  Today we where attacked three more times, both in the url and it seems in our open form fields, and as I’m apt to say when I do a beat down, FUACATA. Bye bye sql injection hacker.

The xiaobaishan bomb is now the flyzhu.9966 bomb.

Updated from: The xiaobaishan bomb. Ok, when I posted about the xiaobaishan bomb, apparently the site this little hackermuffin was using went blammo, so he picked a new one. We where hacked againg, this the script calling: <script src=></script> Tricky little fucker. In fact, this hack is pretty well thought out. Like I said on … Read more