Thesis Envy: The Problem with Thesis

First things first, I love the Thesis Theme from Chris Pearson (Yes, that’s an affiliate link.  Click on it, it’s good for you).  I’m running my own customized version of it here on rumblepup.  In fact, I’m running at least three others.  I’m sure you’ve seen one of your favorite blogs start using it as … Read more

Misapplied ambition and squandered opportunities: a blogger’s introspective

When I started blogging, I really didn’t consider what it meant to me, or what I was going to do with it. At the time, I knew that it was growing into an important medium, and I also knew that the changes I was seeing in the online world, especially with more interactivity between web … Read more

Blog tag: 5 things you didn’t know about me.

I thought it died a nice quiet death, until Brian Mark tagged me with this thingamabobber called a blog tag. Mrs. Rumblepup is laughing so hard that the poor girl must’ve coughed up the Barbie Secret Decoder Ring she swallowed when she was six. In all honesty, it’s a cool way to spread some link … Read more