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Well, a few hours of photoshop and a couple of days of Thesis 1.5 then 1.5.1, and has a brand new design.  It most definitely represents the way I feel about blog design, and thankfully with a great framework like Thesis, it makes it even easier to fully realize what you want your blog to be.

I can’t say that I’ve used Thesis to it’s fullest extent, and I’m sure I probably came up with some goofy implementations of the custom.css code, but I’m happy with what I’ve acheived so far.  I’m sure there are some additional improvements I can do, and I’ll be getting to them as soon as I learn how to do them.  Thesis hooks have not been my best area of study, and I think I have a weird installation of WordPress 2.8 going on, but eventually, I’ll get to everything I really want.

For the longest time, I’ve been using Thesis 1.1.  I knew how to work it, and in many ways, that framework was a bit easier for me to understand.  Alot of that initial Thesis framework was very similiar to a traditional wordpress theme, where typical functins existed inline in the code.  That is not the case anymore.  Everything concering the look, feel, spacing, layout, you name it, is handled by the onboard Thesis Options and Thesis Design.  Passed that, it’s the hooks baby, and as Chris Pearson promised me I would “pwn them“.  I’m working on that pwnage.

And in other news, this is probably my shortest post in a while.  Hope you enjoyed the brevity.