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The Rumblepuppy Cometh

After all the pain my wife went through (no joke, this is an astounding amount of stress and pain a woman endures during IVF) and all the personal hardships we went through, our baby girl will be coming soon.

Did you forget the marketing in your online marketing?

Search traffic and impressions and page rank and link building and keywords and all of that internet stuff is what most search marketers go completely batshit crazy about. Some search marketers will try to get traffic for almost any keyword that is even loosely related to their web page, and to me, they are wasting resources and wasting their time, and cluttering up the internet while they are at it. So doods, stop, you’re making me type in run-on sentences.

You know what? Fuck SEO.

You heard it right.  Fuck SEO all over the place. I don’t like SEO anymore. “SEO” the term has been vilified and bludgeoned to death because of its constant redefinitions and wacko interpretations.  I’m constantly amazed  at some of the utter...

Blog Facelift with Thesis 1.5.1

Well, a few hours of photoshop and a couple of days of Thesis 1.5 then 1.5.1, and has a brand new design.  It most definitely represents the way I feel about blog design, and thankfully with a great framework like Thesis, it makes it even easier to fully...