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There are no definitions of a rumblepup. rumblepup is the nickname I got when I was a practicing musician. As a young bass player (Fender P-Bass for those who must know,) I learned my craft at the feet of some awesome jazz, r&b, and rock masters. The older jazz players LOVED coming up with nicknames for cats, so since I was young, and I love the bass, and I had a talent for making a lovely rumble….

rumblepup I is.

Today, I like to think that I’m not the only rumblepup. There are plenty of young (and young at heart) scrappers out there fighting the good fight in anything they do. So I guess, apart from me, the ORIGINAL rumblepup, a good definition would be.

rumblepup: a never quit, learn by mistakes, learn by succeeding, give it your all, dreamer who fights for what he or she believes in, and fights to win. A rumblepup doesn’t always “win the battle” but is NEVER taken off the battlefield on a stretcher. A rumblepup walks off with a smile and a secret promise to fight again.